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  GIGS UPDATED 14.10.11

Welcome to the Funkyfarmer band website, filling you in on what the farmer and his band are up to, 

Latest news 2.5.11

Howdy to all!

Before the winter crunch hits and we alll start to want to stay indoors I've booked myself in for some activating exercise, Only I call it gigging, The start of this year has really flown right by me, holed up in my warehouse I've managed to complete a long held dream of mine, the electronic stomp and my sparking boots, which I gotta say give me a good laugh everytime I use them but really let have some fun up onstage, for anyone who saw a gig or two of mine recently you know all about it, and I'm giving prizes for the best sparking photo I receive. If you want to catch a show as always I'm updating the gigs page but checkout the seven seas on sat 21st May and the show down in Melbourne at Baha Tacos in Rye on june 17th for something special. Thanks to Claude Hay for having me onboard for some shows, I encourage everyone to checkout the one man show of his, Its great to meet more working musos getting out and about. I'm still working on some film clips as always, will give you all more detail about it soon. I hope everyone got a chance to kick back over easter, not easy at times to catch up with all my friends so hello to everybody, hope we get to sit down for some quiet beers and tunes soon,


Happy Birthdays to Kitty and Leah!!





Previous News


Howdy everybody, Well its a cracking start to the new year, hope your celebrations havent left you too broke and sore. I normally get quite reflective this time of year and it spawns a new song or two, but I seem to be surprisingly ready just to charge ahead and get some serious playing going. Last year was a big year for me, I don't know quite just yet how I'm going to top it this year, I'll see where things go maybe even a live album might appear by years end. If your driving around the country listening to your community radio chances are you might be hearing the odd farmer song, a big thanks to all those dj's who have been giving my tunes a spin and having a chat with me. I've got the Album up on the digital retailers now so to everyone whose been asking me for a copy it should be a nice and simple process (click on farmer stuff to the left and the itunes icon) and at gigs of course. I will be heading up to tamworth again this year to play some tunes so be sure to say hello if your up that way and I have a few shows goin on in newie to start the year off,

have a great year



Yeahah!! Its Arrived, Well Iím a happy man today, fresh from the cardboard boxes is the new Farmer album!!! Lots of hard work has paid off, Tonight I will be celebrating!!! For all those who want a sneak peak Iím going to put a track up on myspace. I promise to get a launch organised asap! And if you canít wait send me an email and I will get one out to you. The Albums called sowing the seed it has ten tracks, some of my favourite songs are on this and once again I want to thank the whole crew who have supported me to help this happen, this is my second album and itís a big relief to get some of these songs down and locked in for the ages. Big hello to all the people Iíve been meeting on my random gig tour out west. Itís been a real eye opener to finally get a chance to play and get my music out to people whoíve never heard of me. I will definitely try to get back out that way as soon as feasible (and try to give people at least a bit of notice this time lol). Oh and I almost forgot, thanks to moose for doin a film clip up for me from my previous album launch for anyone who wants to check it out, hereís the link,

Many thanks, and hope you like the tunes



Yes it really is here !!!!!         


 Hi everyone, Where to begin, well first and foremost the album, for all intensive purposes its now done, I'm just trying to raise the funds to get it pressed and some of the very helpful people (aka Matt and Colin), deserve a big thanks for all their hard work. I'll see how my money managing goes but hope to have it available end of august / early september with some good luck. A few lucky souls have had an early listen as trusted reviewers, I am quite excited about what I've got to show off!! To help this become real I've got a stack of gigs coming up, (see gigs page) but I will be getting out as much as I can. August looks like a big month with shows all around newie and up in Port Macquarie amongst others. We're had some awesome times of late, thanks to everyone up at bobin for what was an terrific night I haven't danced that hard myself for a long time and all the guys up from Melbourne with us had a ball. Thanks to 2BOB for having me on for an interview and playing some farmer tunes. I also want to thank Trish and Rachael who are working hard down at the croation club to give original artists a go. For those of us kicking round in the hunter region playin our tunes I'm looking forward to Octobers Newie Music Cover show as were gonna give playing each others songs a run. (this could be quite interesting, unique and just a little bit hairy!!) if you feel like getting in on the deal send me an email, Well I'm gonna cut it short this time I want to get down an support the RTN fundraiser on tonight (our local affordable jam space) but will be updating again soon hope to have a new film clip up for everyone too.



The Farmer.




Well there seems to be an abundant number of things happening in the farmer realm at the moment, which is just the way I like. Theyíve been a lot of new local shows and things moving along with the recordings so I hopefully can keep my hat on.  For anyone like me who wants to see more local musoís getting a break around Newcastle itís been great to see some new venues trying out some original entertainment.  Youíll be able to catch yours truly doing some shows in Carrington at the sevens seaís, The Croation Club in Wickham and over at the Burwood in Merewether to name a few. The Farmer would like to put out a big thank you to Colin Wright for working hard on the recording mixes so far. Itís one of those things where I have my heart in my mouth all the time I work on an Album so Iíve been much relieved to hear the great progress weíre making.  Weíre slowly gearing up for our winter fun ahead, all those whoíve checked the gig pages will know, weíll be at the Lass Oígowrie and head up to Bobin Hall afterwoods expect a big couple of shows, The farmer is going to be joined by some good friends from Melbourne for these shows  and as always I canít wait to get up an catch some of Jeffroís Blues in Bobin, I expect to be able to show off a few tunes off the upcoming album, see how things go. Keaneís been busy as always working on his acting of late but expect to see him an kits stretching out a bit with me onstage in some of our upcoming shows. Depending on my budget Iím hoping to get out of the state again soon an get to some of the venues Iíve been promising people Iíd get to, as always just check the gigs page its getting regular updates from me.  Thanks to all the crew who have been helping me get things running smooth, (Matt, Mim, Sam, Nathan, Fiona, Nat and others) Before I forget, Yes its finally happened I have succumbed  to everyone telling me it was time and I have started The Funky Farmer facebook page, lol, as soon as I figure out what the hell is going on Iíll be sure to add it to the links on your left, in the meantime you should be able to follow this to the page


Have a ball, Farmer


 Hi folks, sitting down with the computer at long last with some more of my constant updates!! Ok so I'm not the most aggresive news journo, that is a good thing from my perspective. Well, I have journeyed back up from my southern exposure and made it back to Newcastle, in time for some new years fun. I had a good time down in Melbourne I could end up back there, see what happens. So what's the plan, when's this tour gonna happen, Well movin around took more of my time and money than I wanted it to, but I did manage to get a few songs together in the process and since it took far too long last time to get the album out and start talking about tours, I'm just makin another one, that I might go on tour even quicker, with another album to show off. With this in mind I hit the studio on the last few days of the year and together with my awesome producer MC, I should have something to show off in a few months time, quicker if I can it together. It will have a few new tracks and some of my favourites I haven't had the chance to get down yet, At this early stage things are lookin real promising. After a few nudges and shoves I got myself out on stage the other night in Hamilton, with more to come I'll make sure the gigs page gets updated so you can catch a show up in newcastle again. A big hello to all my friends from Mellbourne, thanks again for all the help, Special thanks to Crispi from PBS for giving me access to some awesome tunes, hope to see you up on tour here soon pal,   





Gíday everyone, hope your all living well, what a time itís been. To anyone whose curious, weíve been keeping the news coming for over three years now, Phew, thatís a lot of farmer ramblings. Over the last couple of months with a bit of help, weíve got our Album digitised so now you can get funky on your iTunes, napster etc, how stoked am I. And with the help of some persistent badgering of my will, I even sent some CDís off to the radio. Now there have also been a few rumours that have emerged that my spot at the bar in Newcastle has been empty, tis true I have swaggered off to Melbourne for a bit to do some songwriting, have a pint and well generally prove that I can take cold weather for longer than the days Iím on tour, But as for city life well a farmer canít stay in the city to long. lol It has made it expensive to get to band rehearsal, so to make it easier Iím at work booking some shows around the place (see gig page) which will see us start ....The FunkyFarmer Top to Bottom tour covering, Tasmania, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane a few unknowns and Darwin in a few months down the track. In the meantime Iíll be doing some unannounced shows round this town to stay warm and try some new songs.

More news in a bit


P.S thanks to Steph and Ben for helping me out with a place for me swag.



Well who thought it would take so long to get over an unbelievable night. What an awesome success, to everyone involved a big pat on the back and take a bow, that was definitively a fitting way to Launch the Album, Big thanks to Todd for flying down, Steph and Matt for flying up, we had everything happening at once, for those I didn't manage to catch up with on the night my apologies I did feel like I was running around everywhere most of the night. This had been a such long time coming. Yes!!! yes!!! we did it, got a bit of vid footage back so I'll try to get something up on the downloads soon for everyone to have a squiz at.  In short , for anyone who missed it, (an you really missed something) it went like this. Croation club, stacks of people, lots of beverages (the pub ran out of glasses, lol,), dancing,pizza,gorilla,fortune cookies,patches, performers, fun,music,clap,shock,farmer,proper,hfsfhkhfskh sigh,,,, farmer had a ball, 

Yes I need a break, hence its taken me a bit to update the site and book some shows, What can I say it was about time we did it, shows are coming checkout the gigs page for whats coming along, We're hoping to put together a video clip or two for rage in the future and its probably time I sent out our Album to someone "in the bizz" hah! Until I get time to edit up some footage I have put some photo's up from the launch with more to come as I get em. I got a big list of thankyou's here and to all those who grabbed a copy of the Album hope it was worth the wait, we've actually got some new songs ready we haven't had a chance to play yet. At the risk of abuse to my fickle self esteem I reckon after a night like that I oughtta try and book some shows in far-off unknown pubs who have never heard of us, and if I get a stack of knockbacks this time I can just laugh cause I know better!!!! 

The Band and Myself would like to thank (In no special order) Amelia, Keanes mum and our touring roadie crew for the night top effort guys, Andrew and girlfriend for our patches and great guitaring, Jeff Orr, Larry and Steve (thankyou so much I know it was a busy night for you guys), Leah, Nat and Beth (thanks for not letting me go insane) Sam our awesome merch girl, Alan and Alita, Matt hoskins , the clap, Glen for the photo's , improper fractions, Our crazy Mc mr gordie, Maree (after I worked out it was you in the gorilla suit ha) Tony, Glendon thanks for the curtains etc, Mr Kress for the great projector action, the stack of people I forgot to mention, plus all the annoying troublesome people for staying away that night, shock for being resonably well behaved (can I have my bells back now), and especially to all our awesome supportors who showed up for us on our night an made it such a great success, thankyou!!!!



P.S  I have been informed our Album launch has been reviewed,  you can check it out at


Crumbs It seems I almost forgot how all this wizz bang website stuff works, apologies to all for not updating sooner. I have though, learnt enough now to update the site meself, woohoo! no more waiting for updates, now I'm soley resoponsible, hmm more worried. But enough of me and my drifting ways its time I came out and said it, 

If anyone cares to look over the old news through the years you'll know just how long it took.   (pause for shock)                                            now....Alright!!!!! time to start living..... How are we gonna rock this thing into the world? With a big mother of a bang!!, its launch time for us, strap in, grab your spurs, lock up the pets, its time for a shindig farmer style. So here is our chance to ask a few of our favourite acts who have helped us out on the way, (yes there have been many many more) I'm gonna give another update closer to the launch, but at the moment, here's some of what your in for

On Launch Night

Performers Include:

The Clap
(Acoustic, luke and matt Hoskins pumping out some clap favourites, its almost impossible to get em to play acoustic but there've agreed to
play, only cause its our launch of course)

Jeff Orr
from the Bluesliders coming down from bobin for the night, to jam out your socks

Larry Hughes and Steve Lombardi
coming up from Laguna with their roots brand of fun

Improper Fractions
making their way up from Melbourne to pump out some awesome beats and get the decks going, you might have seen one of the crew stephan in some of his work in enter esc and the Drift

oh yeah and """"FUNKYFARMER ARE PLAYING""""


Woodfired pizza's for sale, cheap drinks, some album giveaways, a bit of arts and crafts, maybe the odd gorilla or too, some camera's running around an an awesome P.A which I've taken out some serious overtime to get a hold off.
when and where is this happening well, its at the Croation Club in Newcastle on the 25th of July 6pm if your late you'll miss the music. If your coming in to Newie head along maitland rd and at the wickam park Hotel traffic lights turn left into Albert st, the club is down on your right.
how much will it cost to go??? well we don't want anyone missing out so we're just asking for a donation at the door with all money raised going to pay the bands who play an hall hire
We'll have plenty of Albums to grab $15 bucks a pop, please don't burn copies, we need the cash to make the next one,
phoah what else can I say, there's too much to mention, I'm getting all lost for thought, If you watch us for one show this year get to this, its time everyone had a good night and the Newcastle music scene got some much deserved attention.

                                  Checkout Some of the groovy artwork with your own copy,


P.S All the band would like to wish all our love an support to Matt C. and those around him, Mate can't wait to see you healthy, back on your feet and rocking out soon!

04 Jan 2008

Optimistic dreamtime Hello New Year, Well I thought I'd try and get in quick this year, not that I've made any more ambitious plans than normal but more that I'm trying to materialise some of them. I have the half crazy, half heroic, half desperate idea that funkyfarmer will be travelling overseas this year to perform some shows. So this is the latest news, Since my worldly experience has only involved Australia so far, I'm asking anyone who has five minutes to spare to send me an email, either on a country they think we should tour too, any tips they've got on gigging overseas, any people they think we could contact to pick up some work, or any bands out their in the world who might consider wanting to have us tagging along with them. hope costs you nothing, I'm thinking Europe or the States but hey since it sounds like I'm dreaming already I'm open to suggestions. Go on send me an email I've given myself six months or so to try to see if this is possible to put something together. If we do it great if not there is always somewhere here we can play. Have yourself a good year. Yours in Optimistic dreamtime Farmer

Tis the season of a wallet crumple. give me money bitch Gday everyone, wow look who's recovering from the doledrums of the last few months.
Yes I've been a bit off with the elves re-negotiating a better deal, but alas their far to busy this time of year to want to listen.
So what good news can i mention, well I am pleased to report that our awesome graphic designer Heather is hard at work on the artwork for the Album and those of you who got a sneak peek listen I hope you all think yourselves lucky, but not as lucky as those who get to hold the final finished, pressed product. ( is anyone getting de ja vu, yes thats right it will be done, when, how an for how much this is of much less importance.)
Coming up december is the time for gigs were going to Laguna, and we've got a few in Newcastle, I know everyone makes plans around now so if I don't see you otherwise Happy frickin NEW YEAR, Party on!!!
Keane,kitty,Todd,Luke,Blake,Nat,Elmo,Eleanor,Matty, Leah, the lads, the boys, the Girls, everyone thanks for all the awesome help for the year, rockin, look us up next year with CD in hand as we take over the friggin world funky farmer style..!!!!

Anyone who couldn't bust out for new years, come down to the station I'll be trialling some new material on my own while kitty an keane live large elsewhere, (perhaps, If I'm not to out of it) see ya

If Sleep came in a vitamin If things all work out (and I know how often they do) this will be one of the biggest months for us to date, we got shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Bobin and an album being mixed all at once, I donít even know which way Iím looking at the moment.
You will know if this all works, everyone will know from the size of my grin or my endearing mood swings that seem to be going on when they donít work, but Iíll just blame that on the eclipse.
So have the farmers been busy?, aye we have been rocking our little socks off, we got some new songs, did some great gigs,(Concert for Climate change was a ripper, thanks Mira) and even managed to get a limited number of badges, (which are for sale but the terms can be negotiated) for anyone whose intrigued.
So all in all last few weeks have been full of action. Farmer Triva fact, did you realise we did over 58 shows this year, phew!! No wonder my stompings getting better, now just imagine what would happen if we got a record deal, that figure might even double and I might actually have enough money to buy non home brand items.
I wanna give some thanks in advance to Todd (for spending that extra time an attention after Iíve driven you crazy for endless changes to an Album) Stephan for making our whole Journey to Melbourne possible, and Mr Drillbit for updating this here news to the web.
Hope I see you at one of our shows, and donít worry about the moody look on my face, I just canít find my beerÖ..
Cheers From the farmer!!!

july 21
Funky Farmer, music to Plough to..

Well its seems more than time I got my act together an let everyone know what we've been up too..
Looks like the winter Blues haven't quite hit me with full force because,, We Have Recorded an Album.. yes, all down, early June saw us put down some more tracks to add to some we'd started work on last year, so thatís it all done. Well itís never that simple so, we have to master it yet and press it and make some groovy cases for it, should be out August and in shops when they get organised. (Do I think its good, well obviously and would I say any different) Yes I am very happy with how its come along it really has had a lot of work put into it. I think its some of our finest work to date anyone who has seen us do a good live show can expect even better from the Album.
Gigs well we have been jumping around a few different places at the moment. Hello to anyone who caught us at the beaches, and the Delaney, we hadn't performed at either before so it was nice to get some good responses, We'll be heading down to Cockatoo Island Sydney on Sat 23rd June should be a cracker and will showcase the return of our percussionist miss Kitty.
Before that come an see us at Newcastle at the Lass O'Gowrie. Soon we'll at be at Kantara house on the Central Coast which will be new to us. Looking good, so good I might have to buy a new guitar an Celebrate all these events.

Catch ya soon,,
Oh an I almost forgot we're tryna work out the name for the Album, email me any idea's, the final decision is yet to be made.

Well I had hoped by now the band would have been off on our world tour, maybe cruising through the sky about to land in Greece for a few shows then on to France.
It turns out my dreams are a little further along than reality but I donít think they have any room left to dodge each other now, heres hoping they meet up soon.

I have some big news to announce, today 25th April saw our fabulous percussionist Kitty become the mother to a healthy Baby girl. From everybody in the funkyfarmer realm we wish her the best and give a big round of applause, no word yet on what instrument bub prefers to play but Iím sure weíll find out real soon. Congrats Kitty. Weíll be celebrating down out Hamilton station today with a few tunes.

This Week will see Keene and myself at the Cambridge on Thursday and myself solo back at the station on Sunday. Coming up we have a visit to the Central Coast and some shows at the Del and station ahead. Iím organising some recording dates for more tracks, just trying to decide on which songs. Expect to hear some stompbox action ahead. Catch ya soon.
Farmer. (26th April 2007)

Crumbs is it mid February already, whats happened to my lazy summer. Whats the Farmers latest mission. We scored some gigs out of the blue lately which will see us playing "Where we have never been before:" tonight were going out to Blacksmiths to play at The Orana, and next week will see us doing our mini tour. (the budget being more micro than mini). Keene and I will be at SJ's on thursday 22nd then we head up to Valla for friday the 23rd, having had a great time and meeting up with some good friends there before this should be lots of fun. I thought we'd bring out a few Ballads that don't get played as often as they should so look forward to a few you won't have heard.
We have also been fooling around jamming so I think we might try a new song out on the night. Sat 24th and we take off to Dorrigo, I've never been there before and from what I've heard I already wish we were staying longer. Back in Newie were gonna be back at Hamilton station on the 4th march.
Thanks to everyone whose been helping us out getting the shows organised, We are trying to tour a bit wider afield which makes it harder to arrange (often at very short notice), thanks to all our understanding Publicans and friends.
I'm still chasing the video footage of Peats Ridge, when I get that all in Kitty has promised to start putting a clip together, She is doing very well bub should be due some time early april I'm told. Mr Keene has had a few injury woes of late so everybody cheer him on so he can last the full set when we play. I'm sure he'll be well recovered soon.
Come along an see a show soon,

Ok so its the New Year, all bets are off, whatever happens happens, you can't take the past with you, and why would you want too.
This year I've decided to make a few things happen for funky farmer, expect us to branch out a little further, ie; we will definitely be going to Melbourne at some stage to play, Sydney of course and I might sneak up and do a few solo shows in Queensland. The album, hmmn well after a bit of discussion the band has decided to put down a few more
tracks, this also means we get to play around more with the ones we already finished.
Anyone who watched our Peats Ridge Gig hope you enjoyed it, looks like they'll have to put us on a bigger stage Next time, we all had a ball (though I think Keanes still a little hungover)
Coming up You can catch us at the Lucky in Newcastle and at the Hamilton Station for Australia day. Kittys decided to start taking it a little easier with bub coming, so I'd say it will be Keane and I on stage (which means I'll probably play around a little more with our songs,
expect a bit more improvisation, and I can really cut loose with the stomping). I ve also been feeling a little restless, so if you happen to be wandering around Newie during the daytime, you might just catch me doing an unannounced show. Hmmn might even do that now..........
enjoy the year everyone.

Farmer. Well just when you think you canít stand anymore, in rolls December.
Those of you who, like me, find this a time of year where they get all sentimental, flustered, angered, rushed, broke and uncomfortable, never fear, this month will end.
This year instead of upsetting the applecart Iíve decided to just be nowhere near it. (If this works Iíll let you know in January) So what does this mean for Funkyfarmer, well after negotiating a gig here an there at the Lass and the Station Pubs, I will salvalging the last of my positive thinking and belief to throw everything into a performance at Peats Ridge, anyone wanting to shake off a weathered mental state come along and weíll do it together, tis time for some festival fun.(3.30pm coastal live stage).
The album, yes I know it was promised, but we got a little short of time and funds so what were gonna do is have a few tracks off the new album and a live track or too for sale very cheap or maybe Iíll give out a few for free (but youíd best be dancing).A very pregnant Kitty (who is doing very well), might even have some patches to go with it.
Keane (who seems to be quite surprisingly well too for once) will be with us firing out a few of Farmers best tracks.
Best of luck to everyone in the new year, and to all those who supported us and got us gigs this year, thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! P.S happy birthday Nat.

Previous News

Well its early november, shaping up for summer and if things run smoothly, we're all gonna be sipping a beverage and enjoying our new album as we prepare to face a hard gruelling time of great gigs, festivals and radio fun, isn't life tough. Well it might not end up being quite as simple as that but we're gonna hope for the best. With a little bit of help I've thrown some new pics up on the site we might even have a little bit of live footage online soon.
Thanks to princess Leah for the photo's and camera work.
I wanna thank a few people as well, Mr O'rourke, Luke and Kurt, for helping us keep the band up and running, and Johno I'll thank you in advance for fixing the amp perhaps I can explain this nicely, tragically my amp passed away recently, the old Marshall JCM 800 that had stood far more abuse than it deserved fell victim to an angry guitar stand.
Travelling to a show an one bumpy ride too many saw one of the speakers impaled by the stand. So its been sent to the doctor for a transplant, hopefully it will return to bigger and better things soon.
Coming up if you can, check out the shows at Bobin and Brackets I think if we get any more excited about them we'll spontaneously combust.
Last night saw the launch of the stomp box (pictures coming soon) at the station, I had a lot of fun if I can keep my foot in time you'll probably see it again at a show soon.
see you all at Peats Ridge.

P.S Happy Birthday Jules,


Farmer News, Well we've made it back alive from CoastFest, though my head is still spinning from all the great acts I saw and my wallet is now sufficently broken, Hi to everyone who saw us, hope you had as much fun as we did. I'll try to bring everyone up to speed on Farmer news But SO MUCH has been going on.
First and foremost Congrats to Kitty and Blake who will be having their first child early next year, Wow! cheer, cheer!!!we wish you well and lots of hugs from all the band (I'll keep an eye out for some teeny tiny drums). Sadly I announce Andrew has decided to move on, good luck mate, we'll be watching out for your new act.

Recording, yes we did do it, lots of fun, beverages and craziness (the gig at Weston was Awesome) Thanks to Todd our engineer for being so easy going and proffesional. Currently the band are working on the mix and it should be pressed and out for sale sometime at the end of the year. Keep an ear out for "Jungle Jimm" a new song of ours we played live on the recording (currently my favourite) coming up were heading up to Valla Beach, Some Lass O'Gowrie and SJ's gigs, Fugfest, bobin, Hamilton Show and Peats Ridge Festival (see gigs page) Thanx to Karma Girl for having us on 2CCC

Talk to you soon The Farmer


Previous News

Well I've been having a ball, the last few weeks saw us do a heap of shows, we've just finalised things for our upcoming recording and after meeting some fantastic people, I've even found time for a new song or two. Now its hands down time to play. We'll be at the station wed 20th Sept, then our mid-recording relief as we "cut loose an go crazy" out at Weston on the 23rd Sept, the big event Coast-Fest Oct 6th, Oh and did I mention Keanes Birthday Gig at SJ's 14th of September with those top notch people the Peccavi Dolls.

Now since I'm talking, I think I wanna say a little more,
The Wonderful and gorgeous, Karma Girl from 2CCC 96.3FM will be having us on her radio show Friday 29th of September at 8pm, where we might just perform a few of our tracks live,(hell we might even play naked) the live stream feed is available at Thanks for all the birthday wishes and its been great to see some familar faces at our gigs, I think I may even have heard mention of a Prototype t-shirt too, here's hoping

Farmer Seeing you next Time

P.S Hi Elissa (you fellow year of the horse), Jules you know me better than I do myself and yes I owe you beers, Luke once again a big thanks for all the help with the live recording


With a blast of sunshine an grasp upon the favourite coffee cup, I'm trynna drag myself into the next season, spring, we're almost there. Why is that good news, well with the exclusion of Kitty everyone else in the band will have a birthday sometime this month. That means well have to play louder, longer and more skillfully now we're that bit wiser, which is just what you want when your going into the studio to record. Come the 22nd of sept we will be starting the next FunkyFarmer EP its official.

Gigs, well now I know what pulling teeth is like, after trying to confirm some more dates an shows and dragging my long dead self respect out of the gutter, I can say yes there are more coming, God willing and they'll be up on the gig page soon. The great news though is that were up on the ABC music awards site, under the blues and roots category, fingers crossed everybody, try this address it should take you there if you want a squiz


hope to see you at a show soon Farmer.


Hi Jules and Nat thanks for inspiring us.


Here we are arriving into August, and I'm wondering if this year can go any faster. I've just been sweeping out the dust from the van, getting up to our show at Elands had lots of dirt roads to conquer. (and now I know to check the spark plug leads haven't fallen out when I lose a cylinder in the van Ha Ha very funny) It looks like its time to jump back into rehearsals for whats ahead. I'm waiting on confirmations from a lot of venues to see how far afield we'll be traveling, but definites at the moment include shows at SJ's, the Lass O'Gowrie, Cambridge Hotel, Hamilton station and an all ages show at the Gallipoli Club.

Our show at SJ's on the 27th will feature DJ Drillbit playing with us again I'm looking forward to trying out a couple of tracks we've never performed with him before.

Kitty is taking off to Queensland to try an secure us a producer/engineer but will be back for the Aug 3rd gig at SJ's and all dates afterwards. If things fall into place I'm hoping we can jump into the studio sometime in september, if not before. Meanwhile Andrew has immersed himself in effects pedals at the moment if your wondering why some of our live tunes are having a little more flavour these days (and last I heard their was a new guitar purchase being discussed, looks like I better book some more gigs)

See you on the road,


P.S Happy Birthday Natalie and Beth, thanks for all the support


Well.....the farmer and friends are back from the winter magic of the blue mountains. Howdy to everyone down there and we hope you all enjoyed it.
Dont worry if you missed out, we will return soon.
Currently the wheels are in motion for a tour of greater NSW with our mates The Clap and Enter Escape, we shall see how things progress from here.
We are also looking forward to our trek up to Elands where we will be playing with the very talented Peggy Van Zalm, thanks to Danny Wood (the bluezberries) for organising this one and the station gig.
Big cheers to Peter from the mountains for his quote "stagnation breeds extinction" which defines my point of view, but probably not the farmers wardrobe.
For those of you who will be at the brackets and jam gig there is a rumour that this might be filmed so we will have to see what happens. Finally, I thought I should mention we put some songs in for the ABC music awards in Newcastle(Blues and roots), so if your tuned in to 1233 and recognise a track or two of ours chances are it is.(feel free to vote for us). A bit of extra attention and we might be able to raise the funds for our long overdue studio release.
and remember.....
gigs = food = happy farmer

Hello Maria, Happy Birthday James and John


G'day from the farmer. Ready and willing to play is the catch cry at the moment. a few things have swung our way that looks like were travelling all around at the moment. We've got a series of acoustic shows out at Nelson Bay, a trip down to the mountains, more fun in Newcastle and A July this year that'll see us going anywhere from Sydney to Bobin to the Central Coast, (see gig page soon for more updates) With all this going on a few new songs were going to emerge sooner or later, next few gigs were gonna give em a go.
We have been enjoying ourselves, Cultural Stomp was a blast and my hats off to all those who organised it. What a vibe that day. We were lucky enough to have our guest performers with us on stage, Drillbit and Greg the Poet, all in fine form and a crowd of people dancing and kicking back with the tunes, yep think we'll have to do that again next year. At the moment I'm getting my coffee fix warming up for our Darby St sets, hope I can see you then.
The Farmer

P.S Happy Birthday Gordie and Ross


Well the latest. what have we been up to, sat 29th saw us playing down at the Lass (we recorded our live set, I'll let you know soon how it sounds) it was good to get some feedback and come back home to play, After the gig kitty and I decided to do something spur of the moment and head North, Next thing I knew after some hasty organisation we did a set at the Hoey Moey in Coffs Harbour,(thanks Lindsay, good pub managers are a blessing) that broke me free of an early winters grip, a nice bourban and some good company, why not keep going. So next thing I knew we were in Ballina at the Australian Hotel, knocking out another set. (Yes the rest of the band is gong to be jealous).Hello to anyone who saw kitty an I play those nights, I hope we can take the whole band back up that way soon.

Coming up, were gonna assist in "Saving the ales" at Newcastle Uni bar on the Hill and a couple of gigs at the station, plus the big one "Cultural Stomp May 2Oth, civic park Newcastle, if I can clear my head quick enough we might have a few extra special guests with us for that show. Anyone who wants us for a show send me a email, catch up with you soon, a still dazed an confused, but optimistic farmer. (5th may)


Crikey how are you, feeling a little dazed and confused myself, haven't long got back from our blues trip to byron, (20hrs driving, $240 fuel, starter motors, sanity, 2min noodles, sunshine etc)yes we had fun and probably left a little bit of ourselves there. First, apologies to anyone who went to see us at the beach hotel, things got a little mixed up when we got there and we ended up playing at The Great Northern Hotel instead, on the upside we got on prime news that night for our efforts.

Definitely the highlight of our trip to byron though was playing at the Bangalow Pub, I saw some great acts and met some awesome people. A big thanks to Craig for his great hospitality, overcoming my social ineptness and introducing us to some terrific people, and off course Liz who let two crusty musicians from Newcastle crash at her property all week all at the drop of a hat and made us feel welcome. Please stay in touch guys.

I'm hoping to get some of the acts who played with us at Bangalow to perform in Newcastle at the Lass sometime soon(call me guys). We would love to do some more gigs up Byron way and bring the whole band. Let us know if theres a gig going.

So whats next? friday we'll be back at the Lass, (watch out for keene on didj with "Top to Bottom", its coming together well), and then were heading North again to Taree for The Barn Thai, where I hear the food is great. All the band will be there, expect to hear some new Farmer Tunes.

catch you at a show

P.S Rose Martini Rocks

Yes its coming in to blues season. The blues and roots festival is happening over Easter up in Bryon so we thought we should head off an check it all out. FunkyFarmer will be playing a couple of gigs while we're up there. You can catch us at the Beach hotel 1pm tues 11th, or later that night at the Bangalow Pub, Plus just for good measure we might do a few drop-in gigs unanounced. Kitty has returned from her working holiday, so expect to see a drumkit at a show sometime soon.

For anybody who caught our last couple of gigs with drillbit, hope you had as much fun as I did, He might be appearing as a special guest with us again sometime soon ( No I'm not going to mention Cultural Stomp you'll just have to wait an see). A big thanks to everybody at Mayfield Centrelink, we had a ball that day. From the snags to the tunes everything went well, hope we can do it all again next year. Gigs, Gigs, Gigs we want em, book The Farmer now. We're a working band, put us to work..

See you at show soon

The Farmer

P.S bassman Andy's been busy too. Checkout there could a funkyfarmer presence.


Hello, Check out whats happening wed 22nd march at the Lass, we've got a real interesting show planned, with Kitty having to earn some extra cash to get her drumkit, we called in a guest percussionist/programmer drillbit for the night. For those who don't know, he does a lot of experimental electronic music using loops and samples and what ever else he can get hold of, we've just been working on the set and I tell you anyone whose seen us play is in for a surprise, this will be a raw combination of Blues licks and riffs with some real big beats, samples and that speacial drillbit eccentricity, the "Mayfields" will be on later that night show starts at 9pm I'd say we'd go on at around 10pm, We've put another clip up for you to check out "fever for life" tell me what you think, still trying hard to get the tour organised, if you know somewhere we should play, let me know. Were on at Mayfield Centrelink the next day if you can't make wed night, this is for harmony day,(11.30am) they'll be free food so of course we're going, catch you soon Farmer.


G'day everybody, we had a great gig on friday (24th) there was a really great vibe at the Lass, it was good to see so many people dancing, Funky Farmer is working flat out the moment to get a whole heap of extra shows happening, the tour is now going to be a case of when and where.

We are thinking of putting together a live album of the shows we have recorded so far, this should have some of the acoustic tracks we don't always do,(check the downloads page soon)as always were looking for more places to play, if you've got some ideas let me know, We are real interested in going a little further from our comfort zone, at the moment our next gig will be at the Lass o' Gowrie again on wednesday 22nd March, I'll tell you more when it happens. Farmer. (8.3.06)


This is the new webpage for Funky Farmer, stay tuned for updates in the next few months (21.2.06)


Next Gig is Friday 24th February at the Lass o' Gowrie, with Alt+Ctrl+Del and Kettle of Fish.
Funky Farmer will be playing at 9pm

Demo EP is available

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