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FunkyFarmer is the brain and soul child of Brent Milligan, aka The Funky Farmer, who has been crafting his individual sound and songwriting style since his early teens.  Through constant live-performance The Funky Farmer has developed a core of raw, driving, distorted acoustic guitar, stompbox and vocals. What he refers to as his Australian Roots.

The heart of the act is The Farmers’ original songwriting and skill on stage. Whilst performing as a soloist, the Farmers’ journey often expands as a three piece,  joined by Kitty Winning and Keane Williams. Kittys’ djembe and percussion allows the music to take flight, Keane provides vocal support, didgeridoo and beat box effects. When mixed with the Funky Farmers’ songwriting it has developed into a quintessential Australian sound.

The Funky Farmer and his band crafted their sound through years gigging in pubs and outdoor festivals, mainly along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. A Funky Farmer set is something to behold, with the Farmer himself, often building his songs from a deceptively laid-back beginning to a frenetic and impassioned pace, all the while thumping up and down on the stomp-box as if he would walk a thousand miles just to play.

Touring highlights include: Peats Ridge Festivals, CoastFest, the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Sydney Road Festival. The Funky Farmer completed his debut album Songs You Can Plough To late in 2008, with the help of Producer Todd Dixon and Harvest room recordings.  The album’s nine tracks were recorded on a property outside Newcastle to fully capture the Farmer’s energetic and soulful songwriting and the band’s organic live sound.  The album, much like a live set, mixes a driving frenzy of guitars, djembe, melodies, soaring vocals with ballads and rootsy sounds of the stomp-box and didgeridoo.  The album received widespread airplay on the Australian community radio network and is in use as production music for commercial television.


Currently the Funky Farmer is working on releasing his latest Album “Sowing the Seed” which has just been completed. Committed to touring, the Farmer and his band are considering what opportunities are available to assist with presenting the act internationally. With an established act and good live performance history, a uniquely Australian sound and solid songwriting, the future is looking extra funky for Australia’s Funky Farmer.



Brent Milligan:
Guitar / Vocals


Kitty Winning:
Hand drums / flute / percussion


Keane Williams:
Didgeridoo / Vocal Noises.